Your Home Birth with Margaret will provide a calm, nurturing and safe space and you will:

  • Have me to walk beside you and guide you through your Journey of Transformation through Birth.
  • Move from being overwhelmed, anxious, and scared, to being focused, relaxed, and grounded.
  • Experience Your birth journey as you define it, feeling empowered and supported mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Be informed so you have a clear understanding of your pregnancy and birth.
  • Go from unsure to confident
  • Connected with your body in a deeper way
  • Take ownership of your transformative journey of pregnancy and birth.

Your Home Birth with Margaret provides for Your BIRTH:

  • 4 – 2.5 hour one on one sessions with you and your birthing partner
  • Guidance to create your birth space
  • Weekly 1 hour virtual check ins for questions and updates
  • Introduction of backup Doula for Q&A
  • 4 prenatal yoga sessions

Prior to Birth

  • Monday-Thursday contact hours for questions via Voxer
  • 9am-6pm

Two Weeks Prior to the Due Date of Birth of Baby

  • 24/7 availability for birth


Early Labor

  • Daytime:
    Every 2-hour check via Text and every 4 hours via Zoom
  • Nighttime:
    Call if questions or any changes

Active Labor

  • In person, hands on, 10-hour support

Postpartum Support

  • In person, 2 hour session, within 4 days post birth.
  • To review and tell your birth experience
  • Address any question on breast feeding and other postpartum questions


  • Skin to skin is one of the most important gifts you can give your baby as soon as possible after birth.
  • Skin to Skin:
    • enables the mother micobiome to colonize the baby gut health.
    • stabilizes the baby’s heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and parasympathetic nervous system
    • stimulates the baby to breastfeed and to acquire the immunoglobulin rich first milk, clostrum.
    • enables a baby to acclimate to a new environment.
    • enables a complex interplay of hormones in the mother and baby connection that enables a mother to fall in love with baby, to bond

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